Recipe of Watergate Salad

“What’s there in a name?” is the right thing to say, when we talk about the Watergate salad. Though the name has the word salad affixed, it is not to the least a salad per se. It is a fluffy, green, nutty, conglomerate of pistachios, pineapple, cool whip, and miniature marshmallows. So, what triggered the sane men to christen it in total contrast to what it actually is, a dessert or a side dish.

Who doesn’t know about the infamous coup of the 1970s. The Watergate scandal had scripted a black chapter in the history of American politics. There is an uncanny resemblance between Watergate salad and the Watergate scandal. Let’s unearth the same in the below-given paragraphs.

Watergate Salad – History

Now the question that strikes us hard is, why a salad such as this is called Watergate salad? Well, the straight and simple explanation for this is the accidental similarity in the release of the Nixon-Watergate coup and the introduction of the delicacy. However, there is more into this strange nomenclature. The dish calls for a topping over the top. President Nixon too, made attempts to cover the reality with interesting ‘toppings’. Hence, it was a way to mock the actions of the President. Perhaps that is why it is also known as the Shut the Gate Salad. Though it has a nasty counterpart tale, that doesn’t stop the dish from being on top of the list for baby showers, weddings, Thanksgiving ceremonies, Easter, and other get-together parties. It is also included under the name of Pistachio-Pineapple Delight on many menu cards. When a food writer wrote an article about the recipe for this newcomer dish, she named it Watergate Salad, and since then, this dish is known by this popular, yet uncommon name.

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